Worst Blogger EVER, But I'm BACK! @thats_normal @BlogWaffles @FickleBitches - Adventures in Twilighting: Fun With All Things Twilight!

Worst Blogger EVER, But I’m BACK! @thats_normal @BlogWaffles @FickleBitches

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Woo Hoo! I got ol’ Bessy back today and they didn’t have to format ‘er! Woot!

Sadly, I was more worried about saving my blog stuff than my
last two years of un-backed up family pictures. #ThatsNormal

All these weeks without my computer, I’ve hardly posted to this total piece of shite quality Twilight Fansite and even more-so have fallen behind in all the awful awesome gossip and ACTUAL Twi-news!  Of course, in my first hour back on my bebe, I of course, took my first gander at Letters to Twilight (because they are the reason for this blog’s existence, duh) and what did I find???  We got an effin’ shoutout in a post!  Seriously!  The moment I’ve longed for all this time and I almost missed it completely on a Taylor Tuesday no less!!!  GAH!

I’m so glad those gals still have kept their snark, wit and spectacular shiny-ness when it comes to Twilight Goodness, as so many sites have gone down for the count!  Not to turn this into a love letter for LTT, but hey, I love ’em and they’re just awesome and it’s my site so I’ll keep goin’.  Have y’all seen their new adventure over at That’s Normal?  No? Well, you should check it out cuz everything they talk about is TOTALLY NORMAL! [don’t click that link – you really don’t want to :P] – I tried to warn you!

Strangely enough, and seriously coincidental, I created a blog with a few of my friends (around the same time) so we can also continue on with our blather after AiT becomes irrelevant. *sniffs* It’s called FickleLittleBitches and I posted a payback earworm for Bekah cuz that shiz is hard to get outta your head, Dayum!  You’re welcome for not one, but TWO earworms! 😀

To further spread the love, Twitarded is our 2nd favorite site which is run by some awesome twat-waffles who also created a new blog to carry on the hilariousness, which is called BlogWaffles!  They are so awesome and IMHO they put our collective sites to shame with their band of dedicated snarkilicious bloggers who post almost DAILY (and yes, I’m totally jealous)!

So, moving on, I can’t believe Breaking Dawn Pt 2 is just days away and I’m not going to LA! Gah!  I still can’t believe no one has offered to stuff me in their suitcase. I’ve been pretty furious with the lack of promotion for the movie this far, but at least they’ve started to announce some tv appearances that are coming up for Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Stephanie Meyer.  However, it is just plain effin’ stupid that there haven’t been any joint interviews scheduled. It’s the final movie and the best interviews are ones with the 3 main stars together.  WTF, Summit/Lionsgate?!?

Now that I have my computer I hope to be a more regular poster again…. You know, I’m definitely well overdue for a rant about “the scandal,” but I’ll save that for another post.

Happy Weekend!

PrettySparklies <3

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