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Tay-Tues: Taylor is Going to Be in Grown Ups 2!

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Dear Taylor,

I’m not sure if it’s just me, the wonderful migraine drugs I’m on or just me (wait, did I say that already?), but as much as UT has wanted to see you in a comedy I really just can’t see it.

I keep trying to picture you and Adam Sandler in Grown Ups 2 joking away but I just can’t.  It’s not that I think you can’t do it or that you’re not good enough… I just can’t picture it.

Even though I can’t picture this at all, I can’t wait to see you act and hopefully succeed in another movie genre!

More power to ya,

PrettySparklies <3

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  • Eve Stevens

    Yeah, he’s more of a early ’90’s Brad Pitt. He’s got potential. Give him a couple of decades to have an affair with a co-star, divorce his wife, have 16 children and then, I have a good feeling, he’ll get nominated for a whole passel of Oscars.

    I know he can do it.  It’s been done before.