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Tay-Tues: Sexy-Times with TayCob

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Dear Taylor,

Thank you for blessing the interwebs with your presence!  Congrats on being Glamour’s #6 Best Dressed Men of 2012 and thanks for being seen out and about with Sarah Hicks last week! Is she your girlfriend? Who is she? We need to know these things, alright?

I had decided that I wasn’t going to write anything to you today, because it was yet another Tuesday with nothing new to write about, but it hit me this morning that I just had to send you a note about a fan-fic (The Definition of Want) that UnashamedTwiWife has been reading to me at lunch (yep, you read that right, UT is reading porn to me at lunch). o.O  Well, it’s not porn, mostly but yesterday’s chapter sure made us both blush!  When it’s not being solely contained in our own minds and now vocalized and shared AT WORK, WOAH!
I must confess, while I’m not really Team Jacob at all, I’m am totally loving this Team Jacob fic.  It takes place post Meyer’s Eclipse and poses the “what if Bella were to have puppies with Jacob and stay with Edward too?” question. And oh my, is it delicious!  If it were published and made into a movie, would you star in it? We think you should, cuz you can move moun’ains!

Smitten with you as sexy-times Jacob,

PrettySparklies <3

What do you think? Are you Team Edward and hate reading Jacob fics? Have you read this one? Weigh in!

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