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Tay-Tues: PrettySparklies Asks Taylor For His Secret

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Dear Taylor,

I write these letters to you most Tuesdays or I find something to talk about that I can relate to you in some way.  A couple times I’ve admitted that you actually are hawt,  confessed my darkest secrets to you, and have even broken up with you!

My weekly struggle to devote 1 out of 5 days to you really has me wanting to know how it feels to be the least talked about member of the Twifecta? DO you know this?  You must know this!  …And, how do you do it?  How do you manage to have a life outside of Big Daddy‘s abode? Do you even have one?

I suddenly imagine you living in your parents lavish basement, bowling, watching sports and playing console games in your home theater.  I could even envision you working on a farm in a secluded area “for fun.”  The other day a fan pic surfaced of you outside a grocery store,  is that as big as your outings get or are you really a better ninja than Rob and Kristen? Don’t get me wrong, they have mad skillz but we NEVER see you, EVER!

Are you really that amazing at hiding out or are you really that boring?!  I vote for that boring!

Also, who’s in your cohort?  Is there a Tay-pack?  We’d like to at least stalk your friends for funnies, I mean news, I mean to help their rise to fame, so dish!

If you tell me your secret, I promise not to tell.

*hugs and love*

PrettySparklies <3

Do we already know this and I’m really that bad of a fake Taylor fan, or do we really not know this?!


  • Kat

    I vote boring too, as sad as that is.