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Tay-Tues: How Does It Feel To Be Used, Tay?

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Dear Taylor,

So, I was too exhausted last night to find my blog h00rs and write about the too effin’ short Breaking Dawn Pt 2 trailer and of course I had nothing to write you about….so naturally, I opted to post nothing at all.


Well, I’m sitting in the gyno’s office browsing the interwebs on my phone and what do ya know, I got inspired!

As Team Taylor Lautner said in this post the other day about the NEW Abduction bts footage, I just can’t believe this is NEW news either!?!

I think is just CrAzY cakes that Lionsgate gave out free copies of The Hunger Games to the first 20k people that went to see Abduction!! According to an unreliable gossip rag THG grossed double the US in the UK because of this!! Where was our bribe to see Abduction The Hunger Games? I mean, effing incredible!!!

Did you have any idea? I sure hope not and if you did, I’m sure you are ashamed and embarrassed! Stupid Lionsgate!

Sorry you were used. I think


PrettySparklies <3

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