Tay-Tues: Grow a Man-Stache Already! @TMTaylorLautner @Letter2Twilight - Adventures in Twilighting: Fun With All Things Twilight!

Tay-Tues: Grow a Man-Stache Already! @TMTaylorLautner @Letter2Twilight

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Dear Taylor,

First, I’m sorry that it’s been so long since I wrote you.  Second, congrats on making it harder on me than Bella trying to screw Edward for three frickin’ books to write these effin’ letters to you for two whole years without having a regular blogging counter part that is actually in love with you, jack-hole (just teasing) no I’m not!!  Don’t get me wrong, you’re a great guy and you have a hot bod and all, but you’re not my cup-o-tea and I’m team Edward fo’ sho’. *sigh*

So, even thought my RL bestie, @UnashamdTwiWife, who is also the original reason for starting this blog just to write these gorram letters to you, (which was in fact inspired by the ladies at LettersToTwilight) rarely ever has time to blog with me anymore, we still talk IRL of course.  And, one of the things we don’t quite agree on is your stache. (latest papz pic evidence below)

source:  TeamTaylorLautner (more available here)

To me, I think it finally makes you look officially manly and I can allow myself to ogle you if I want to. No, I never really want to or do, but humor a h00r here

So, I’m writing you on behalf of my bestie and begging you to either shave that blasted thin-kid-pube-looking-stache off your schmexy face or grow a fuller man-stache.

Lookin’ Out for mah gurl,


Happy Taylor-Tuesday, y’all!

~PrettySparklies <3

What do you think? Do you like the stache or hate the stache? Doesn’t it look pre-pubescent, at least in some pix?

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