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Tay-Tues: We Forgot to Talk About Taylor Squared!

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Okay people…so, two things!  1st! I was so Robsessed and weirded out by Taylor’s facial hair that I forgot to talk about ‘Taylor Squared!’ UM, how could I do that?! And, 2nd, there is a NEW Abduction trailer! o.O

Dear Taylor,

Why do you hide out so much!?  We need to have pix of you and big daddy out on the town or you and Lily leaving a restaurant. You may be underage, but there are things to do besides clubbin.’

What was it like to see ol’ Swifty at the Teen Choice Awards?!  We spied her sitting next to you, of all people.  Was it a setup? Did you have a lot of catching up to do or do you talk all the time?  You sure seemed pretty comfortable to me, but you are good at hiding your awkward from the public eye, if you have that (oh I’m sure it’s in there somewhere).

I really hope I don’t really care that you two really are great friends or maybe that you would get back together one day. You really were the best matchup imho but you’re no RobSten.

I can’t wait to have girl time with go watch Abduction with @UnashamdTwiWife and @SetMySoulAlight when it comes out.  The trailers really do look amazeballs and I guess I’ll admit that I want to see it just not in the theater. Check out the new trailer, if you haven’t seen it.

So, whatsup with your facial hair? I didn’t take you for the kinda guy that would look strange with facial hair, but I can’t decide if it’s the new-haircut-kinda-weird or you-look-like-a-predator-kinda-weird.  I’ll keep trying to figure that out, but in the meantime, stay away from Chris Hansen.

Yours Truly,


Ok. ok. So maybe that was 3 things, but I hope you liked my letter.

PrettySparklies <3

Please send us your letters to Taylor. You can write to Taylor, to Jacob, or any of his character names.  Bring it on!

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