Tay-Tues: At Least Taylor's Pumpkin Stencil Doesn't Look Like Frankenstein @TMTaylorLautner #Twilight #Halloween - Adventures in Twilighting: Fun With All Things Twilight!

Tay-Tues: At Least Taylor’s Pumpkin Stencil Doesn’t Look Like Frankenstein @TMTaylorLautner #Twilight #Halloween

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Thanks Team Taylor Lautner for this find!

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Dear Taylor,

Do you get into the spirit of Halloween?  Will you be sporting one or all of these pumpkin stencils on your porch for the little Trick-or-Treaters?  

Well, either way, at least your pumpkin stencil actually looks like Jacob and doesn’t look like Frankenstein or not even look like your character AT ALL!  



WTF do you think of Edwardstein? Is it just me?

Happy Taylor Tuesday!

PrettySparklies <3

If you make one of the Taylor pumpkins our friends Team Taylor Lautner would like you to submit pix to them.  Of course we’d always love to get things submitted to us, but it’s been two years and no one has ever submitted things I’ve even begged for, so I won’t bother starting to ask now. 😛


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