Tay-Tues: A Lil Tay-Tay Sexiness @TMTaylorLautner @Twilight - Adventures in Twilighting: Fun With All Things Twilight!

Tay-Tues: A Lil Tay-Tay Sexiness @TMTaylorLautner @Twilight

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Some Tay-Tay hawtness for our Taylor fans!

Hawt pic of Taylor from this year’s VMA’s.


More pix from the VMA’s at Team Taylor Lautner

A collage of some of outage photos from Total Film Magazine. CLick on the collage for a very large version.

There are more pictures of this photoshoot at Team Taylor Lauter

 I hope you enjoy you’re very hawt Taylor Tuesday without melting. *coughUTcough*

PrettySparklies <3

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