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In my pathetic attempt to catch up on BD2 promo, I happened upon an interview yesterday where Rob was asked, ‘What happens now? What happens after forever?’  Rob looked at the guy like he had three heads,  chuckled in his self -deprecating way and said, ‘I have no idea.’  Funny pause.  Smirk. Head bob.  ‘Yeah, I really have no idea.’

Yeah… tried to find the link to the actual interview –
but have you SEEN the list of promo clips?
That’s like a needle in a haystack.
Just enjoy this instead… You get the idea…

Rob, I’m right there with you.

What happens now?

The bright lights are all turned out. The wristbands have been cutoff… Well ok, I’m the loser who hasn’t cut hers off. That’s a proverbial umbilical cord I’m not ready to sever quite yet. Baby steps… The erotic, couture dresses and barely there pantsuit have been given back to their designers. Summit is preparing to count their millions. Rob and Kristen are off in England shopping for groceries, preparing for their life as ninjas and probably toasting that our ending, is finally their fresh start.

Rob is also probably beginning an epic experiment to see just how long he can go without shaving… I fear Mountain Man is coming…

Good Mountain Man Rob

Baaaaaad Mountain Man Rob. *cringe*

So where does that all leave us?

Is forever really our goodbye?

I managed to sit through BD2 in the Nokia last Monday night and didn’t shed too many tears. But I’ve seen it two times since returning home and managed to cry a little bit harder on each successive viewing. In part, because each time felt a little closer to an end.

And, each time, while the credits rolled through the entire Saga cast (goddamn you Bill Condon!) I couldn’t help but scroll, in my mind, through the cast of characters I’ve met during this whole journey.

I’m not talking vampires and werewolves. I’m talking about you ladies. And a few special gentlemen.

It’s like seeing a list of avi’s and handles flash by. Along with ridiculous conversations about sex hair and eye sex and sex toys. Ok yes. We’ve talked a lot of sex. But it’s also conversations about our kids troubles at school, a sick relative, a lost job, a new house, a cranky baby… and endless piles of fanfic.

The flashback scene we all knew Bill would try to kill us with, reminds us Kristen isn’t the only girl in the room who’s grown up and changed a lot these last handful of years. We’ve all changed and grown together. In ways big and small.

Wee bitty Rob and Kristen…

All grown up…

I had a shirt made to wear in Fan Camp with a back that read: ‘…because at some point this stopped being just a little story about some vampires and started being the story of us.’

I tried to explain that notion as I walked through camp with a group one night that included a ‘friend of a friend’ who was there to see what all the fuss was about. I think the sentiment of that shirt was scratching the surface with him as he walked among us, hearing all our stories, seeing us embrace one another, viewing all our tents covered in pictures that commemorated years of friendship.

“This is about way more than a cute vampire,’ I told him. “We all came to this thing for different reasons, but what we found here are little pieces of ourselves we wouldn’t have found anywhere else.”

So if it holds true this is bigger than vampires… do things change now that the cold ones have all moved on to new feeding grounds?

I certainly don’t hope for Summit to conjure up some watered down spinoff version of this whole phenom. As Kristen has said in so many interviews, it feels complete. Edward and Bella deserve that moment in the meadow. They deserve for us to leave them there. Happy. And making out like wild animals.

I’m not looking for Twilight: The Next Generation.

But the mere thought of that has me looking over my shoulder at other, older fandoms, especially the ones that have stood the test of time.

Can we be like them?

Do we want to be?

We already endure the pop culture ridicule that seems to hold hands with the word ‘Twihard’. (After I help Rob find the creator of ‘RPatz’ I’m gunning for the creator of this label, as the term makes my skin crawl whenever I hear it.) But how does our culture’s view of super fans morph even further when the object of the fan affection is something from ‘the past’?

Do we feel differently today about people who dress up like Captain Kirk on weekends than people did back when the USS Enterprise made it’s virgin voyage? (You know I’m sitting here trying to make my fingers do that split thing now right? I never got Star Trek…)

Once the DVD wrappers are torn away, and there’s truly nothing ‘new’ to be had, does the fandom hit its own twilight and everything just slowly fades to black?

I know lots of people out there are already suggesting Forever is not an ending. We will have red carpets to stalk for future projects. We have a thriving fanfiction community that will keep these characters alive (and our sex lives happy). Can we survive on that?

We are essentially like Steph’s vampires now. We’ve been living on fresh human blood for years. Feasting to the point of gluttony on The Bubble and filming leaks and movie promo tours. Now it seems we’re moving in with the Cullens. Becoming ‘vegetarians.’ We’ll have to learn to like our eyes golden and a life of never being ‘fully satisfied.’

Will we like life under Carlisle’s rules?

I don’t know. I hope so.

I returned from LA to a family that I love more than anything else. To a husband who has humored me but is really ready to have his wife back. I’m really ready to get more than 5 hours sleep a night and jump back into my life too.

But I guess the answer to the question I’ve asked over and over on this page is I don’t want to go back to being the woman I was before I met all of you. She was really boring. My life the last few years has been more vibrant. I want my life to include you all in some way. Maybe smaller than before. But in some way.

The front of that shirt I wore in camp said this: “One woman’s dream, became a few great books, that turned into a handful of movies, that created a sisterhood, that changed our lives forever.”

Me and Steph…and my shirt.
Which CafePress cockblocked
AFTER they printed & shipped it! Suckers!

I don’t know what tomorrow holds. But I am so very thankful for this ride. Thankful I jumped on when I did. Thankful my wonderful family has put up with it for as long as they have. Thankful for the changes it’s made in my everyday life and the way I view the world and the people in it so much more openly now.

When I am old and gray and sitting in a rocking chair somewhere waiting for my own life’s credits to roll by – so many of you will be included. I will look back and fondly remember endless nights spent on twitter trading Rob Porn, snot sobbing support groups reading EP, trying to stay out of jail on epic nights of Best Kisses and filming in the streets of Brazil, using the term Laters way before it was cool, huddling in dark LA parking lots at 3am, bawling the first time meeting Stephenie, taking chair dancing lessons with the DC girls in my family room, hearing catcalls and sniffles fill the Nokia when the words ‘The Twilight Saga’ finally faded off the screen…

Clearly my flashback scene will be longer than Bella’s…

Bill Condon’s brilliance flipped pages so we could see those words Stephenie chose for her own ending .  ‘…We continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.’

I wish there was a way to flip forward to see what lies ahead for us…


Whatever that means…

       -<3 twopeas1pod

Who wonders where Alice is when you need her.


You can find previous TwoPeas ramblings here and at

The beautiful thing that welcomed me home…

I’ll always have Kristen’s back…. I mean, ear. #TeamKristen.

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PrettySparklies Freaks the Fuck Out! NO SPOILERS! #BreakingDawn #Twilight

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So, I’m sincerely sorry for and ashamed of the weeks I’ve gone without posting.  It’s not for lack of wanting to post, but my life is just kinda shit right now and I still don’t have my computer back. *grumbles*

But anyway…HOLY BREAKING DAWN PART TWO, BATMAN!!  I have so much to say about the movie, but even though I’ve seen it 3 times already, I still have friends who haven’t seen it so I’m not going to be spoiling it anytime soon.  However, I will say that the 3rd time I saw the movie, it was with four people who hadn’t seen the movie (and they are not as crazy as me and truly had no clue what they were in for as they are not on twitter or up with anything promo-wise) so, I really wanted to see them freak the fuck out and expected even more freakage since they are so out of the loop!  But, the effin’ theater was practically empty aside from us, which meant it was completely silent through the entire thing.  What a TOTAL FUCKIN’ LET DOWN!

I wanted to see my friends react and hear the audience react with them as I had the previous two times, but without the audience gasping and cheering, etc it really was a buzz kill for me and my friends.  :(  It makes me super sad that when it was over, they weren’t nearly as excited about this final amazing and epic movie as they wanted to be!!  They felt it had been really hyped up to more than it really was and wanted to know what in the hell I was going so crazy about!?!!!  I was like “you were freaking the fuck out, right?” and they were like “yeah…” but they just were sitting in shock and awe as we all were but at the same time confused about the hype/let down.

But… I think I figured it out! I think you just can’t watch it for the first time without a mostly full audience, so you have more of chance of people being vocal and drawing you in.  Needless to say, I’ve been begging my friends to go back during a busy time this weekend, so they can experience it again, but with both the pleasure of watching everyone else freak the fuck out and feeling the audience participation…it’s just such a better fan experience.  So, if you’re reading this and haven’t seen it, go during a BUSY TIME so you can REALLY feel…that feeling of…FOREVER!


Stepping off that soapbox and onto another…. I’ve been putting together a pretty hilarious post (IMHO) about the Twi-Puppets trip to BD in LA pt 2 with @TwoPeas1pod, but before I post that one, I feel compelled to express my thoughts on the following Bill Condon interview.  I was just composing my puppet post and catching up on Promo stuffs and came across this interview, bringing me to a screeching halt.  At around 3:02 he says he doesn’t think there will be any commentary from any of the actors. (SPOILER ALERT: you may want to skip to that part if you haven’t seen the movie, some spoilery things are said in here)


WHAT THE FUCK, SUMMIT?!?!  Seriously, THIS is what brings all the girls to the yard and you’re going to dick us over again with no cast commentary!?!  I’m FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!  Someone calm me down!

Please, someone find a way to get through to Summit/Lionsgate that we live for Rob, Kristen, Taylor commentary. MAKE IT FUCKIN’ HAPPEN!

PrettySparklies <3

Sorry again for the lack of posting.  :(

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And So It Begins…The Beginning of The END… #Twilight #BreakingDawn

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Wow!  Just as soon as I got my computer back I found that it was still broken and have to send it back.  That plus #Sandy have just made blogging just peachy.

So, I’ve mailed #Knitward, #Yarnella, and #KnitBlocker to @TwoPeas1Pod so she can bring them across the country for BD Pt 2 in LA!  I must say, I haven’t really been able to get pepped up about the finale with everything that has gone on, but mailing my little crocheted babies to TP1P sure has gotten be excited! I can’t wait to hear of their adventures and hopefully some celeb pix. 😉

Another thing that got me pepped was FINALLY getting to watch the MTV First with the Twifecta and @JoshuaHorowitz.  @RobstenDreams has a whole page of videos from the junket but here’s the link just for the mtv first vids.  The MTV First interview made me want to dance Gangnam Style (I’ve given folks a link that have no fucking clue what Gangnam Style is, just like me). I found another good manip of this at @RKDreaming and have to share, cuz it’s Man-Nip Monday after all.

I so wish this was a gif!

So much is going to happen this week and I’ll be without a computer again. GAR!  Here are some of the shows you need to setup your DVR for, but please check @RobstenDreams sidebar for a constantly updated list of appearances!

Happy Promo Week Y’all and safe travels to all mah peeps!


PrettySparklies <3

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