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And the world of Robsten and Kristen fans is complete?!!

Thank You @Vonch & @WannabeBritish for sharing pic!

*SQUEES heard across the land*

We see the hat, the ring, etc…yes THE RING, how you ask? …because of course we fans are crazy obsessed and go straight to Photoshop and zoom in on that shit and have to look for signs of those Robsten tokens, DUH!

Yes, we hate the fuckin’ pap pix and wish they’d get of their dicks, but it was nice to see Kristen out and about just doing her thing, and not being totally accosted or so it appears.


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Quit Yer Belly Achin’! Rob Had an Awesome Weekend!

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So, while so many of us speculate as to whether Rup-sten-gate or whatever you want to call it, has broken up Rob and Kristen or whether the whole thing was faked to get us off their dicks in the first place and/or many people are still reacting like this: I so love Will Ferrell!

Rob had some awesome Cosmopolis interviews here and here and in my opinion he didn’t look upset at all in any of them…and on top of that, the movie apparently had an awesome opening weekend for just being in 3 theaters!! HUZZAH!

I think we’ll finally get to see Kristen in about 17 days for On the Road Promo if I’m not mistaken, here’s hopin’

…. and I must tell you that I have a super sad because the medicine I’m for my migraines has completely taken away my brain.  I am a complete zombie and have no creative writing skills.  I took way too long to craft what I think is this shoddy half assed post for you, so I apologize. :(  I WANT MY BRAIN BACK!

AND, I have an even BIGGER sad because I won’t be going to BD in LA now, but will be sending Knitward and Yarnella as well as Knitblocker along with @TwoPeas1Pod for the adventure. :)

Happy Mundaay, It’s gotta be better than this lame post! :)  just watch Will over and over

PrettySparklies <3

and please forgive me if this is the only post you get this week…it’s hard to post when we are in a drought so-to-speak and when I have the added pressure of no brain.  You can also check to see if anything is up on as well, since that’s just random stuff

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Gio Rocks! The Tabloids Can Go Eat a Bag of Dicks!

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You know we LURVE Kristen! And you know we LURVE Rob!

But, we need to shout from the motha fuckin’ rooftops that we LOVE that Giovanni Agnelli is standing up for his friend Kristen and sticking it to the dirty bastards that sling mud, hate and pure lies in tweets, the tabloids and even in mainstream media.

We campaign as fans, but we just get ignored by the media, etc.  As fans, we need to stop following them on twitter and stop buying their magazines, etc….hurt their pockets

But, celebrities get  heard by everyone, and you, Gio, are fucking amazing!

Thank you for telling those pig fuckers to go eat a bag of dicks, and for lovin’ our girl!

As always, give Kristen our regards,

PrettySparklies <3

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