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Retro Thursday: An LTT/LTR Breakdown Re-do

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Since our blog is just a baby (relative to more well known sites), there are so many earlier posts that our readers have missed out on I wouldn’t say they’ve missed them Bob, so UT and PS decided it’s time to have some Retro Thursdays to rehash some of our oldies but goodies. Can they really be old if they’re less than a year old? Sure they can, it’s the interwebs!

We bring you back to our Weekly Breakdown of The LTT/LTR posts from September 29, 2010 with our new comments in-line and blue.

LTT: Interview With The Were/Shifter Part 1 : La Push Edition

UTThese two are hilarious. If they wrote fanfic I’d probably read it and I usually despise fanfic.
PS: 10 months later…You don’t despise fanfic anymore! 😉
UT: Yeah, yeah. 😛
PS: LOL they crack me up!
PS: The Staceys STILL crack me up!
UT: EC has to be a mom. Come on…she has goldfish crackers in her bag. That’s almost required in the How to Be a Mom Handbook!
UT: Today I have no goldfish in my purse, but I do have a Happy Meal Kung Fu Panda.
UT: “I hate British guys. They’re skinny, pale, dress like girls, steal your women” BWAHAHAH! I can almost hear Taylor Jacob saying that. LOL.
PS: ROFL and you KNOW Oregano is saying that 😉
UT: LOL. Exactly!
PS: Sorry Jake

PS: I have no idea why, but every time I read EC saying “What? We’re both married, to men who wear shirts” I want to read jorts instead of shirts, so I do a double take every time… hahahahha!
PS: “I don’t teach” ??? I don’t get it?
PS: Geeze! I can be so dense! *How Embarrassing!*
UT: She doesn’t teach um… do I put this and keep it PG-13? *THOSE* lessons. Quil said, “I’m a vir….never mind.
PS: Yes, please SPELL it out for me, UT! KMN!
UT: Considering I’m usually the one who is innocent-minded, I have to enjoy these moments when I get them.

PS: ROFLMAO Gotcha! 😉 Yeah, I didn’t even pick up on that…I was lost…obviously 😉
UT: It took me a second. I had to go back and reread what Quil said then I LMAO.
PS: Seth hitchhike? Why can’t he phase and run or run as a hooman? I see a flaw in the dialogue…hehe, just kidding, no hate mail please.
UT: I was thinking the same thing about phasing. Especially since in the books he always talks about how he loves running and being a wolf.
PS: But they can’t have THOSE lessons if she doesn’t “give him a ride” 😉 It all makes sense now. :O

UT: I don’t get it?
PS: *Stilling rolling eyes at UT*
UT: Oh shut up.  Now all I can think of when I hear that is this

PSClick here for the joke
UT: … Anywho…
PS: I love you anyway… 😉

LTR Rob tests our Deal Breaker limits, again!

PS: Hahaha! I have no deal breakers for Rob.
PS: hmmm…maybe the haved shaved Cosmopolis hair….nah, I’ll even take that! o.O 

Rob in his Cha Shirt

UT: He’s already done my deal breaker – smoking. Been there, done that. Dated the hot guy who smoked and it’s such a turn off.
UT: Yep, still turned off by it.
PS: I dunno why…it’s SUCH a turnoff for me too, but then it isn’t…
UT: You have issues, woman, but I still love you 😉
PS: I don’t know what it is, yeah I do but every time you pick on Rob’s shirts I get all mama-bear-defensive and have to go prove you wrong get the scoop, even when you are joking or jokingly serious…fortunately the commenters already did! 😀
PS: SURVEY SAYS! It’s a parody shirt…
UT: Sorry, I’m on Team Pick-on-Rob’s-Shirts. Guess I just don’t have his sense of humor.
PS: I think it’s safe to start giving Rob the benefit of the doubt. He may look like a Dirty-Hippie-Grizzly-bear-flannel-wearing-trucker, but I’ll take him….we’ll just start things off with a shower together! 😀 So, for those of you that don’t like him like this way, it’s okay by me cuz this is what he wants…less people molesting him in public. 😉

They’re NOT Bears!

UT: Hahahaha. Awesome pic! If he was just the Hippie-flannel-wearing-trucker, I could deal, but the dirty-smelly-grizzly-bear….sorry…no can do.
UT: Give me clean-cut Taylor any day.  I bet he smells good too even without cologne. 😉
PS: I guess I like them duhrty…
PS: Oh yeah, baby! 

What do you think? Are you done with Dirty-Hippie-Grizzly-bear-flannel-wearing-trucker Rob or are you ok with him however he is?


PS & UT <3

PS: We need to get back to doing these breakdowns again. They were so much fun!

Laters, baby!

PrettySparklies & UnashamedTwiWife <3

Shall we have more of these?

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  • Stacey

    That was one of our FIRST LTT/Talk Supe crossovers! We love you girls, too!

    BTW…we both write fic. :0)