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Merry Christmas! We Have a Contest Winner!

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We only received two letters to Taylor Claus. :(  BUT, the two we received were hilarious!

Congratulations to “The Hickey Family Dog” who wrote the winning letter!

Dear Taylor Claus,

All my human friends say you arent real. Are you real? I saw you on tv and you had a nice fur coat and ran really fast. You looked real. I know that one minute you were a human and the next you transformed into a big dog, but I think thats part of your Taylor Claus magic. I believe in my doggie heart you are real. For Christmas could you please bring me a new bone, a new squeeky toy..I like the soft ones best, and some beef jerky. If you could, can you please get me the autograph of that girl helper of yours? The one who is mad at her ex human boyfriend and growls at the human Bella? I love when she swishes her tail! I would like to meet her as bad as a lion wants a lamb. I have been a very good dog this year, I never peed on the carpet and I’m trying real hard to stop pulling out the trash. Do you do that? For some reason the humans in my house like looking at you in you fake human form, but to me you are a big doggie super hero! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and I will leave you a treat in my doggie dish . It used to be a bowl until someone bent it back to look like a doggie dish.

woof woof,

the  hickey family dog

RC: BAHAHAHA! I love dogs and WOOFS! LOL. This means I get to make you something! Congrats and start thinking about what you want! MERRY CHRISTMAS and Yes Hickey Family Dog….There IS a Taylor Claus
PS: And he brings us good cheer, maybe a little sumpin’sumpin’ for UT. :D
UT: He always gives me a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ but only in his “fake human form” ;)
PS: Nice save! :P
UT: Thank you *bows*

@SnowWhiteDriftd wrote the other letter and her post will be featured this Tuesday. :D

Merry Christmas Everybody!


The Ladies of the night Adventures in Twilighting <3

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