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Manip Monday: It’s Michael JacksonPatzTimberlake!!

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M2MJ: So I was searching for some cool manips for the blog, and I came across this precious lil gem!!!

 PS: OMFG! Make it stop!  Laughing so hard! And why does he look like Justin Timberlake? Hahahahaha!
M2MJ: Bwahahahaha you’re so mean!!!! His wonky eyes make me giggle!
PS: Mean? You don’t see it? He really does look like JT! You really don’t see it?
M2MJ: I can’t get past the wonky eyes! LOL But no, I definitely do not see Justin Timberlake in that picture!!! LOL I think it’s your drugs talking!! hahaha
PS: I was just gonna say the same thing….we can blame it on the pain meds, but I’m still curious what commenters will say! :D
M2MJ: Me too!! I guess it will determine if I’m blind, or you’re high! LOL :P

Thank you so much @LadyPackinson for introducing us to this much needed brain bleach made by @SoapyMayhem

PS: Oh Fifty! mmmmmmmmm
M2MJ: OMFG that is sooo HAWT!!!!! And I must say…..a REALLY good manip! It looks so real!! :) He can tie me up any damn time!!
PS: Is that… *gulp* …the boat rope? SWOON!
M2MJ: Ooooh maybe!!!
PS: I think that the manip is so awesome that if Rob and/or Kristen were to see they’d have to take a double take at this one.
M2MJ: Yeah, really!! I wonder what they think about manips?? If it was me, I’d probably be a little creeped out! LOL And you know they are aware of manips….they know about everything else!!
PS: Yeah, some of them are just so awful and second-hand embarrassing!! o.O *sigh* but this one….is just awesome. But, yeah, if that were me and my boyfriend or husband or someone I didn’t even know or like I’d be like WTF and then put them on THE LIST!”
M2MJ: Oh I’m sure their security teams have a list…..and there are a few people that come to mind who are more than likely on said list! LOL (not naming any names!!)
PS: Oh, I know we are! And our whole cohort! Hahahaha!

Happy, Happy Manip Monday! (and a Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Friends!! :) ~M2MJ)

Laters, Baby!

Married2MyJacob & PrettySparklies <3

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  • Nicole

    That first one made my eyes bleed. Why am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t get the whole Michael Jackson obsession… *shrugs shoulders*. The second one however…. helllllllooooo Fifty… Lordy. I might have to read that fic over again soon. *prepares the husband*

    …And you KNOW they totally spend time checking out their manips… and I would SOOO lmfao to hear Rob’s remarks about the infamous one with the rainbow coming outta his pants.

    And I am not on any list… I am tots normal…

    • M2MJ

      WTF Nicole?? You’re not on any list?? You KNOW you’re #1 on the crazy list!!! LOL :P

      • Robsten Cuteness

        Ummm ya think I’m on that list? I KNOW I am on some kind of TayTay security list. And of course I write and manip too. Should I look behind me?

        • M2MJ

          You are most definitely on TayTay’s security list!!! LOL

  • Morningdove3202

    ….wow…that’s quite a picture… but honestly nylon rope is so much more comfortable…… 

  • •.•  Vanessa  •.•

    omg!! never thought i would like a MJ manip but it does kinda look like JT a tiny bit if you keep looking at the hair ;) the 2nd manip SO HOTTTTT!!! *swoon* i miss fifty , still think R&K should totally take that story to the big screen it would be sort of the new better version of LTiP with a huge box office and a “too-hot-to-handle” warning ;D

  • Anonymous

    LOL love knowing that Kristen and Rob know everything we do and the little groups in the fandom….. wonder if they get nick or HBG to go online and check stuffs O.O 
    that manip doesn’t look like Justin at all *shakes head*maybe a very very young and much handsome MJ……nah! love it though. OH MY FIFTY!!!! *sigh* forever the best and hottest  EC in a fanfic *swoon* 

    • M2MJ

      Thank you!!! I didn’t think it looked like Justin AT ALL!!!! I’m totes blaming PS’s vision on her drugs! LOL

  • CherylSab

    I remember sending that manip to Nicole during our “who can send the creepiest pics” to each other phase. It’s definitely not a good look for Rob. But that second one does things to me….what a great fantasy that one is :) 

    • M2MJ

      The second one is very yummy indeed!! :)