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HHW: Show Me Your Pumpkins!

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RC: OK Rob, you can show me your pumpkins (and your gourd!) LOL And then I’ll show you mine!
M2MJ: Bwahahahaha
RC: There are actually some really cool Twilight pumpkins out there!
M2MJ: And I LOVE Halloween and I LOVE Twilight, so that makes me giddy!!! :)
PS: I wish I could get into the Halloween spirit. I always think “this year I’ll try” but it just doesn’t happen. :(
RC: ME TOO, M2MJ! You know all about me and Halloween! HAHA  Oh PS, come hang with us and we’ll get you into it!  For those of you who don’t know, I am on a haunted trail on the weekends throughout October scaring the pants off peeps! (I hope Rob comes through so I can scare his pants off!) Nomnomnom
PS: Oh, I just may have to take a trip to visit you, if I hear Rob is travelling this way this month. hahaha!
RC: Oh Goody! LOL Check out this AWESOME Rob pumpkin!

M2MJ: Umm….is it just me, or does this one kinda look like Elvis???
RC: HAHA! Yes! LOL But all this artist’s pumpkins kind of did! LOL But it’s still so good! I’d like this next one more if JACOB wasn’t vagina blocking again! What’s with Edwards nose? Bwahahaha

PS: WTF! Bella looks like Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings!! haha!
M2MJ: OMG she totally does! LOL She even has elf ears! LOL Umm…..look at this Taylor pumpkin……

M2MJ: Wow!!! He looks like a caveman!!! I’m sure it took the person forever to make this, but umm…poor Taylor! LOL
PS: Yeah, or an ape from planet of the apes!! o.O
RC: WTF is with his tongue????  LOL

PS: hehe…I think Bella looks like a man with dreads….kinda, anyway. ;)
M2MJ: I totally agree with PS! Looks like a little bromance going on there! lol
RC: Well then, you can make your own Twilight pumpkins! PS, maybe this will get you into Halloween!

RC: I wonder if they have a BD pumpkin kit? Oh look, they do! It’s the broken headboard pumpkin! LMAO

M2MJ: OR maybe Edward bit the pumpkin instead of pillows? LOL
RC: This is true! No feathers on that smashed pumpkin, just seeds! HAHA This MUST be  Kristen’s pumpkin this Halloween!

PS: AWESOME! I would totally make one of those pumpkins, but I don’t think my husband would like it so much! haha!
RC: I FLOVE that pumpkin! LOL I do NOT think MrRC would like it tho! LMAO! :D
M2MJ: I could totally pass this by Mr J…..his grandma was from England, so technically he’s like ¼ English! LOL
RC: Mr. RC is Scottish decent – does that count? LOL
M2MJ: Ummm…..no! LOL
RC: Aren’t they in the UK? LOL
M2MJ: Yes, but people from Scotland are Scottish, not English….right???
RC: So My Husband is English (by location only) works? LMAO
M2MJ: How about your husband is American and my husband is Canadian…..we’ll start a new trend! LOL
RC: How about: My Husband is Hottish! Bwahahahahaha
PS: hehe…he  might be offended by that! Cuz wouldn’t that mean kinda hot?
RC: He’s no non-aging vamp, ya know? LOL

Happy Humpin H00r Wednesday! Now show us your pumpkins!

RobstenCuteness, Married2MyJacob & PrettySparklies <3s (cock-eyed)


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  • http://twitter.com/RobstenCuteness Robsten Cuteness

    I posted at 4:44???? LOL SO unlike me! It’s usually 3:33! LOL Thanks Gina! FLOVE YOU! And I want that UK Pumpkin! HAHA

    • M2MJ

      Yes….you posted at 4:44! Deal with it! hahahaa :P

      • http://twitter.com/RobstenCuteness Robsten Cuteness

        Oh real nice ~ LOL. GFYS! Hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    You girls are crazy!! I made an awesome Dora pumpkin one year but I don’t think I could do Edward justice. Some of those are fantastic but mine would probably end up in the WTF file….not sure if I’ll attempt a twilight one or not.

  • http://twitter.com/VanneCullenLutz •.•  Vanessa  •.•

    oh my, i seriously have never done anything more than the clasic face on my pumpkin, but thank to you girls i really want to to do that “my boyfriendd is english” one ;) looks really good! whoever did that Rob pumpkin WOW i’m wondering how long it too, looks amazing!

    • http://twitter.com/RobstenCuteness Robsten Cuteness

      Hahaha It took me like 2 minutes in photoshop! LOL For Realz!

  • http://twitter.com/adawnn1 Andrea

    I attempted Edward– and its not good! LOL.
    So I think I’m done with carving ppl in pumpkins and sticking with a jack o lantern or something.
    But those are so cool! And I agree that Jacob one is so creepy!