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Friday Fun: Yahoo! Answers WIN!

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PS: OMFG! I just found this! We just have to use this for Friday Fun!
Twilight Yahoo Answers Win!UT: OMG.  So wrong but hilarious!  Every time I read BD, I don’t see anything wrong with Jake’s relationship with Nessie. Then I start reading other peoples’ reactions.  And start getting skeeved.  Right now, I’m around a 9 on the skeeved meter.  Maybe it’s time to re-read the book.
M2MJ: I’m with you UT. When I read the book, I was like, ok, it’s not gross, he’ll be like her protector until she gets older. But then when you really start to think about it, it’s pretty damn gross! LOL Like, he’s in love with a baby!! But not just any baby, the daughter of his most recent “love” .
RC: My mind didn’t think gross at all on the baby thing. Just never went there….does that mean there is something wrong with me? HAHAHA. He’ll wait for her! But what DID freak me out was that she is Bella’s baby and he kissed Bella, loved her. THAT totally skeeved me. Can you imagine an ex-BF marrying and doing it with your daughter? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
PS: Yeah, I agree. When reading the book I didn’t think it was gross at all.  Even though, I’m like UT the further away I get from having read Breaking Dawn, I still defend the story to haters. I just really love the “best answer!” haha!
M2MJ: LMAO The “best answer” is pretty sweet!!
RC: OMG I FLOVE the answer! That is the BEST! Actually made me giggle out loud and now everyone at work is staring at me!

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

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  • Unashamed Twi-Wife

    My favorite part of the Best Answer is that it’s Oz. Love me some Buffy and love me some Seth Green 😉

    • Pretty Sparklies

      Holy Crap! How did I not notice that another werewolf commented and it was OZ! *facepalm* “here’s your sign”

  • Anonymous

    Ok, well now that I know the other dude is a werewolf (sorry, I’ve never watched Buffy!) it makes the Best Answer so much more funnier!! LOL Oh those crazy werewolf kids!!! 😀

    • Pretty Sparklies

      UT forced me to suffer through Buffy…well, really the suffering was only in the first season then I was hooked! So you HAVE to watch too! Last I checked all of the seasons were on Hulu! I bet you can stream them with Netflix too! 😀

  • Unashamed Twi-Wife

    Oh man….epic FAIL all around 😉

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  • Team-Taylor

    I never ever thought anything weird about Jake & Nessie’s ‘relationship’ either. It seemed sweet and innocent. The same happened with Quil though, right!? Jacob always said Quil acted like an older brother…and when she was heartbroken he’d be there for her. The main idea, I think, is that ‘your werewolf guy’ will be there for you as a friend and protector…until you come to realize that you are in fact soulmates, because he’s been your best friend all along. That’s always how I have tried to explain it to twi-haters. Although, when I hear their side it’s a little awkward to argue because then you just end up looking a little disturbed xD So I have just filed it as a lost cause as far as something to explain. I think it just matters that the Twilight fans understand what it is meant to be…we just have to run from people who try and question us about it! Problem solved.