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Dear Taylor, I’m Glad Your House Didn’t Burn Down

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Dear Taylor, A few weeks ago I was trolling the interwebs for gossip about you and I came across this little ditty.  Now, I’m not a car fan, as in I don’t give a fuck, but that is one sexy car!

I’ve never heard of a Fisker Karma cuz I don’t give a shit but that’s the first eco friendly car that I’ve ever seen and the first words out of my mouth weren’t “what the fuck is that?!?”

So, then last week I saw this headline about a house that caught on fire because of a Fisker Karma!  And, of course I had to click, when normally I wouldn’t have given a flying-fuck since I didn’t know what a Fisker was, let alone a Fisker Karma.  I just had to make sure it wasn’t yours!!  I was so happy to find that it wasn’t yours, but I sure hope you’ve gotten yours checked out mister.

And while I’m at it, please tell me who this Sara Hicks person is! ;)

Always worried about your well-being,

PrettySparklies <3


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