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Man-Nip Monday: A Couple Mission Blacklist Robs to Start Your Week

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I set off for some new Bel Ami manips (since it just became available this weekend and I’m an awful fan and haven’t watched it yet) and instead came across these two Mission: Blacklist manips and I really can’t decide which one I prefer.

Hi ma'am. Let me smolder your panties off.

via Epic Twilight Sisters

I'll pretend I see something interesting in the distance...

via I Love RPattz

What do y’all think?

HAPPY Monday!!

PrettySparklies <3

Did you watch Bel Ami this weekend?! Spill it! 

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Holy Mother of Rob, The NEWS! And, It’s Friday!

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The time PrettySparklies desperately tweeted begging for someone to please have a good old fashioned h00r-y conversation with her and TwiFishie obliged!

TF: So, after reading about Rob’s new role … all I can think is, wow, our boy’s grown up! Holy carp.
PS: That’s two new roles Mission: Blacklist and The Rover!  Holy CARP is right! 😀


TF: You know I can’t type for shit when there’s Rob Pattinson (he’s British, you know) and Vicodin involved!!! TWO roles. Wow. I’m glad he’s at a premium AND not getting typecast.
PS: It’s pretty damn exciting, but I’m finding myself not that excited. hrmph!

TF: (checks your pulse, holds a mirror to your nose, pinches you)… PS? Is that you? This is ROB we’re talking about! Rob. Remember? Are you less than enthused because the nudity factor is low?
PS: *sounding like eeyore* Yeah, I know …I just think I was hoping too hard for them to take a long break and get married…I’m ridiculous! *mope*
TF: Pat pat. There, there. You can start a Pinterest board for “Robsten’s Wedding”
TF: And vampire & Hufflepuff-themed baby favors! There’s always something we nutty fans can do.
PS: Ha!  Nah, all is good and I really am enthused, deep down…I’m just taking time to warm up I guess..LAME!

TF: Besides, it takes ages from announcement to Rob 10-feet tall on celluloid/digital. Plentttty of time for flick foreplay.
PS: True that!  I think the really great news is that Rob’s movie choices are making me, and prolly lots of other fans, branch out in what kinds of things they read. “Rob’s book club”
TF: I think a bit of non-fiction is good for the soul. Of course, I usually read knitting books/patterns…
PS: Oh pre-Twilight I only ever read non-fiction, but they had to be about horrible childhoods people had. HA!
TF: You’re a hawt mess, honey. 😉 I can’t read that stuff!! I want fluffy bunnies and romance. Speaking of reading! Someeeeeonne, ahem, still needs to lend me her copy of this book about 50-grey elephants who drink water from bottles or somesuch.
PS: It will happen, don’t worry…..
TF: Then I hear I will be obsessed about something new. You know how you keep an OCD person busy?
PS: No, how?
TF: I’ll tell you tomorrow… joking. I just made that up.
PS: You’re ridiculous! 😛
TF: Yup, and you love me anyway!!!
PS: I’ll tell you tomorrow… 😛
TF: Can’t wait to see Snow White the Huntsman, btw. THAT looks dark and awesome. I bet even Mr.Dr.Twifishie would like it.
TF: I must be in maternal mode, b/c all I could think was, our little Kristen is growing up too!!!!
PS: All I could think was that it was just TWO days ago that I was asking if we’ve gotten a trailer yet where we hear Kristen’s accent, and now we’ve got it! 😀
TF: Um, um… what accent is she doing? Is she British too? (*facepalm and blushes*)
PS: YES!  We’ve been dying to hear her accent! We got a little taste in an earlier trailer, but the new trailer, while it’s just whispers, still rocks!

TF: Whispers in your earrrrrr (methinks the Vicodin is kicking in)
PS: No fair! I took my meds at 7pm and still haven’t kicked in (editor’s note: it’s 10:30 p.m.). I hate my endocrine system or whatever system it is….
TF: I’m a cheap junkie? Sorry sweet girl. *waves her magic wand* … nope the fucker is still broken.
PS: You must have Hagrid’s wand. 😛
TF: Big pink umbrella w/ broke spokes? Yup. Mine has a bedazzled handle tho.
PS: Tee! Movin’ on for realz….I seriously can’t wait for SWATH!  And, as much of a Rob fan as I am, I really don’t care to see Cosmopolis or even Bel Ami in the theatre. *gasp*  I don’t think either will come to our small town anyway, but still!
TF: Me either. You know, come to think of it, Hubs won’t want to see SWATH. I need my girls for that!!!!
PS: Really? He won’t want to see it just to make fun of it?
TF: Nope. he’d say, “Why waste my money? That $7.50 is better spent on something else.” He’s not a KStew fan.
PS: But maybe he’ll go for Chris Hemsworth or Charlize Theron! *waggles eyebrows*
TF: Feh. She’s blonde. He likes Selene in “Underworld”.
PS: I’m still pissed that I didn’t get my lazy ass to the theatre for the newest Underworld….Oh Michael Sheen as a werewolf! 😀
TF: Hubs says it “wasn’t great, but it was good. An obvious set up for a fifth movie.” I didn’t see it… I was probably busy picking lint off towels or somesuch…
PS: or picking your nose! 😛
TF: I pick lots of noses… Mine, my dog’s… Your MOM’s.
PS: You don’t want whatever shit’s in my mom’s nose! blech!

PS: Thank you for taking my bribe, I mean answering my plea for someone to blog with!
TF: Ooh, is my prize in the mail? You know what I like!!! Hey, this was fun. I can blather with the best of them, and baby, you’re the best of them!!!
PS: Aww! Thanks! 😉  and I totally won’t mail your prize, it will be hand delivered. 😉
TF: Right. So, then, happy Friday. Weekend and prizes here we come!!!

Yeah, we’re sure you’re done reading our drivel, so, um HAPPY FRIDAY!


PrettySparklies and TwiFishie <3

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I came across this comic and could only think of Fifty….

Lord have mercy!!!

Happy Friday!  Travel safe this weekend!

PrettySparklies <3

Check out @RobstenCuteness‘ awesome wip Pacifically You!!

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